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Wetsuit changing mat-bag 3 in1 combo

Wetsuit Bag-Changing Mat Combo from HUUB


This HUUB 3 in 1 wetsuit bag-satchel, changing mat combo is a very useful item to have when changing on sandy or pebbly beaches, muddy river banks or car parks before and after your swim. Waterproof, durable and comfortable to stand on, it has a shoulder carry strap and handle.

The large waterproof changing mat, when fully opened measures 1 X 1 metre and can be folded away with your kit still contained inside. Ideal for open water swimming when changing in and out of your wetsuit.


When partially folded out the mat measures 42cm X 100 cm which makes the perfect transition mat next to your bike, giving you a waterproof, dry mat to change after the swim and bike.

Shoulder Bag

Fold away the changing mat and fasten the secure velcro side flaps and you have the perfect changing bag measuring 43cm X 38cm. The perfect size for your wetsuit and swimwear.

  • 1m x 1m built in waterproof changing mat.
  • Large front security clasp.
  • Removable wide shoulder strap.
  • Fully adjustable carry strap.
  • Handy carry handle.
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