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Swimming Courses & Lessons - Open Water or Swimming Pool

1-2-1 Open Water Swimming Coach, Lyme Regis, Dorset
Open water swimming lessons in Lyme Regis 2021
1:1 or Private Groups - Open Water Swim Coaching

Whether you are a nervous or anxious beginner new to the sea and looking to gain more confidence and knowledge or an Open Water fitness swimmer or seasoned Triathlete, looking to make improvements in your swimming technique or hone your skills in open water as opposed to a swimming pool, a 1:1 session or course of sessions tailored to your swimming needs is a good way to start.   Following a discussion of your requirements and goals we will look at confidence building and then when you are ready, move on to open water sea swimming skills, stroke work and adapting to the conditions as well as swimming in moving water, small waves or choppy conditions, sighting and navigating a course, swimming straight, bi-lateral breathing and drafting.

I use open water bone conducting headsets so I can communicate directly with swimmers in real time so feedback is immediate and is particularly useful for helping swimmers with hearing difficulties or ear plug wearers.  Video analysis can also be provded where required as this is often very useful for swimmers to see themselves and serves as a valuable feedback tool combined with with stroke correction and technique work to improve streamlining, efficiency and to find the best way for you to swim as an individual. Some swimmers just need a little bit of direction to put them on the right path whilst others would benefit from some very individual help and guidance.

Give me a call today to discuss your needs, aims and goals or to arrange a session at a convenient time to suit you or your group. Do contact me to discuss a bespoke session around your requirements whatever your level. Prices start at £25

1-2-1 swimming lesson at Highlands End Leisure, Eype, Dorset with Malcolm Greenslade
1:1 or Groups - Swimming Pool

1:1 or small group coaching for adults and junior swimming coaching sessions / swimming lessons will either be held at Highlands End Leisure Club in Eype, Dorset who have a 20 x 9 metre pool heated to around 28/29 degrees or Flamingo Pool in Axminster, Devon where there is a very nice 5 lane 25 metre pool .The swimming lessons at Eype and Axminster are very much tailored to the individual so if you would like to work on your front crawl, breastroke or any of the other strokes then give me a call to discuss the options in more detail.

For larger groups, teams or clubs, I use a variety of pools so if you need a coach for a swim session or block of sessions for your team or club then do get in touch and I can come to your home base pool. Bookings need to be made with me in advance although late space is sometimes available so it's always worth messaging me to see what I can offer.

Highlands End Leisure Club Private Swimming Lessons in Eype
Group Swimming Coaching with Malcolm Greenslade
Adults fitness and triathletes group swimming at Flamingo Pool, Axminster, Devon

Content for any of the sessions can be tailored to the individual or group requirements whether this is for just water confidence or working on technical areas of the strokes using drills or looking at swim fitness, endurance/pacing or just learn to swim any of the strokes properly from scratch. So whether you are a novice swimmer or more advanced this is a great way to hone your skills.

Prices start at £25

Give me a call today to discuss your needs or arrange a session on 07767 366995

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