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Swimming Workshops - All strokes

Front Crawl Swimming Class - Pool and Open Water

Front Crawl Swimming Workshop with Lyme Bay Swimming

Front Crawl workshops or front crawl focussed swimming lessons in Lyme Regis or one of the swimming pools are available on an individual 1:1 basis or for small groups to help improve your front crawl swimming and understanding. It will help with confidence in the water,  fitness and to enjoy the challenge of learning or perfecting the stroke or taking up a new sport. This is not a learn to swim class but a learn to swim front crawl well with less effort. Aimed at people who can swim but starting from scratch with front crawl if required, we will focus on improving your breathing, breath timing, body alignment, catch, rotation plus head position and leg kick for a balanced streamline stroke perfecting the best stroke for you as an individual taking into account your flexibilty and body type.

I use both pool and open water  bone conducting headsets so I can communicate directly with swimmers in real time with no interuption in flow which really helps when swimmers are wearing ear plugs or have hearing difficulties.  I can also provide video analysis where required as this is often very useful for swimmers to see themselves and serves as a valuable feedback tool when used with with stroke correction and technique work to improve streamlining and helps to find the best way for you to swim as an individual.
Give me a call today to discuss a front crawl swimming class at a convenient time to suit you or your group. (weather permitting of course). For the winter the front crawl classes are held in the pool subject to availability by arrangement

Underwater Video Analysis, Lyme Bay Swimming

Breaststroke Swimming Tuition - Group or 1:1

I believe that some swimmers are born with genetic advantages that enable them to excel as breaststrokers. (out-toed, flexible ankles, knees and hips). However, it is a stroke that you can learn and improve at, just like the other strokes. In my opinion it is the most technical of strokes and to swim it well requires timing, co-ordination, flexibility and practice.
So, the goal of  the workshop or breastroke focussed lesson is to teach the fundamentals of Breaststroke and how to improve technically. So, if your preferred stroke is breastroke and you would like to perfect the way you swim it so it becomes more propulsive and streamlined then do get in touch. We look at the timing of the stroke, your body position, kick, out scull/in scull and breath timing.  Again, the bone conducting headsets can be used so I can communicate directly with swimmers in real time with no interuption in flow.  Video analysis can also be provided which serves as a valuable feedback tool combined with stroke correction and technique work to decrease drag and to improve streamlining.

Breastroke swimming lesson, Lyme Bay Swimming
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