Jurassic Coast, Lyme Regis Adventure Swimming, Swim Safaris & Distance Training


NEWS: Beer Arch swim on 4th August (1030). Weather permitting -  Distance 1200 metres return but with a break at "Secret Beach" - £12
AND Lyme Regis to Charmouth Swim supported small group swim (3km) on Weds 17th July 0930 - £29



Adventure Swims, Swim Safaris & distance training

If you are a family, group of friends, or club and would like to swim parts of the Jurassic Coast we offer various supported adventure swims,  swim safaris and coastal swim options, either starting in Lyme Regis, Seaton, Beer, Charmouth, Seatown or West Bay. All swims over 1km with more than two are lifeguarded and planned carefully and risk assessed taking into account weather, tides and exeperience of the group. All swimmers will be required to complete a medical questionaire and provide details of previous swimming experience, wear a tow float and follow and adhere to the instructions of the safety crew.
Distances vary from 1500 metres for those who like a shorter experience up to 12k for more seasoned coastal swimmers or 25Km for channel swim training or similar. Whilst we have graded the swims from EASY to VERY HARD, this is a guideline and Easy to one person is often Hard to another so we will discuss this with you when you enquire.
Examples of the routes and pricing are:

EASY - A 1Km triangular swim of the bay in front of Lyme Regis. Suitable for  novices looking to take their first steps into distance open water swimming. £30 1:1 or from £6 per person group rate
- Beer to Beer Arch and back with an opportunity to swim through the Arch and a break at "Secret Beach".  Suitable for those that are comfortable in the sea but with fairly limited distance sea swimming experience but a reasonable level of swim fitness. £40 1:1 or from £9 per person group rate
EASY - Seaton Hole to Beer and out to the Arch and back. A slightly longer swim and suitable for those that are comfortable in the sea with some sea swimming experience and a reasonable level of swim fitness. £55 1:1 or from £10 per person group rate
MODERATE - Lyme Regis to Charmouth 3Km - a classic and popular swim starting from just outside the harbour inside the yellow swim buoys heading East passed East Cliff and Black Venn and onto Charmouth. Return by boat/car included. Option of refresments at The Kiosk on Marine Parade. This swim can also be done in reverse from Charmouth to Lyme Regis or even as a double. Suitable for those with a moderate to good level of swim fitness and some sea swimming experience. From £75 1:1 or from £12 per person group rate
MODERATE/HARD - Lyme Regis to Charton Bay 4Km - another great Jurassic Coast swim starting from Monmouth Beach and heading West South West taking in some beautiful scenery of the Undercliff and Pinhay Bay and onto Culverhole Point finishing at Charton Bay. Return is via boat. Suitable for those with a good level of fitness and sea swimming experience. £150 1:1 or from £30 per person group rate
MODERATE/HARD - Seatown to Charmouth or vica versa 5.5Km - This swim takes us under Golden Cap, the highest point on the Jurassic coast at 191 metres and passed St Gabriel's mouth. Suitable for those with a good level of fitness, sea swimming experience and confidence in the sea environment. £150 1:1 or from £35 per person group rate
HARD - Seatown to Lyme Regis on the outer sligtly shorter 8Km route or the more coastal route heading towards Charmouth and then navigating to port,  heading towards Lyme Regis which is around 8.5k or extending that to 12 Km by starting or finishing at West Bay. Suitable for experienced sea swimmers who are very comfortable and capable in the marine environment. Often used for shorter Channel Swimming training sessions. £170 1:1 or from £40 per person group rate

HARD/VERY HARD - An finally the longest swim we tend to do for very experienced seasoned sea swimmers and often used for Channel Swimming training at almost 25Km from West Bay to Beer which can be swum in either direction. £200 1:1 or from £60 per person group rate


Beer Arch Swim Adventure, Beer, Devon
Lyme Regis to Charmouth Adventure Swim with Lyme Bay Swimming
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