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HUUB Eternal Swimming Goggles

HUUB Eternal Swimming Goggles


These HUUB Eternal Swimming goggles are an all-round goggle that swimmers and athletes could use in the pool or open water, a goggle that would become a go-to favourite you stick with year after year.

The low-profile design causes minimal drag in the water and provides a watertight seal around the eyes. HUUB’s anti-fog coating provides clear vision all swim long, and the high-clarity lens is shaped to give great peripheral and front vision. Three nose bridges are included for a perfect fit.

Two lens types provide options for different light conditions. The clear lens is ideal for dull or overcast days and makes it easier to spot buoys. The mirrored lens reflects light away from your eyes, giving a darker view meaning on bright sunny days, this gives you a shaded and more comfortable view through the goggles.


  • High-tech, low profile, watertight, minimal drag design.
  • Curved, high-clarity lens shape increases peripheral and frontal vision.
  • Anti-fog coating for crystal-clear underwater visibility.
  • Three interchangeable nose bridges.
  • Mirrored and clear lens options.
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