HUUB Auron Mens Swim/Run Wetsuit


HUUB Auron, SwimRun Wetsuit. Why would you want one? Regular wetsuits have just a back zip, but SwimRun wetsuits have a front zip. This means you can constantly regulate your temperature on the run, unzipping it, or taking out your arms and having it hanging at your waist only. On a SwimRun, the swim is usually cold and the run is hot and sweaty, so it is key to be able to slip in and out of your wetsuit, which you will wear for the entire race, easily and quickly.

For anyone who might’ve tried, attempting to put your arms back in a soaking wet wettie is nigh on impossible. Imagine how maddening this will be on race day when you have to do it upwards of 10 times too - not good for that already tested run partner relationship. So, try taking a couple of freezer bags with you, put your hands in the bags, then shoot them though the arms.

The crotch on a SwimRun wetsuit is thinner to enable you to run, and the backside is a different neoprene that is not easily ripped on rocks. The leg seams are sealed so that you can cut the legs where you want. The wetsuit comes with full length legs so you can choose, and the best cut is above the knee to ease running. Wherever you cut, make really, really sure you know where to do it. Once cut, neither you, nor we, can glue it back on again. Likewise the arms can be cut wherever you prefer, though a lot of people leave these long.

Bear in mind you will be wearing a race vest on top of your wetsuit, so the front zip is even more important.



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