HUUB Albacore Mens Triathlon Swimskin - side

HUUB Albacore Triathlon Swimskin - Mens


The Albacore Swimskin is the combination of unparalleled industry expertise, unmatched hydrodynamics knowledge and the ability to test products far beyond any other triathlon or swimwear company. At HUUB they simply make you faster, through traditional and some very untraditional designs.

By using their patent pending 'Constrictor System', they can reduce wasted energy and improve stroke efficiency to the tune of up to 4.5 seconds per 100m (tested by Swimsmooth’s Paul Newsome and also on theiir M.A.D. system with Professor Huub Toussaint).

Warp knit high compression and hydrophobic fabric delivers compression of body mass in the water and a re-tuned centre of gravity. The constrictor system reduces snaking and improves stroke pull through never before seen thinking and application. The combination is a fast and efficient swimskin that WILL deliver.

You can have a swimskin, or you can swim faster in a HUUB researched and scientifically developed piece of swim engineering…


  • Exclusive patent pending Constrictor System technology
  • Warp knit competitive swim fabric
  • M.A.D System developed hydromechanics and biomechanics
  • Improved speed and stroke efficiency
  • Lock down zipper
  • Tested and proved to be the fastest swimskin in the world

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