Dare2Tri Womans SWIM2 Wetsuit - front

Dare2Tri Womans SWIM2 Wetsuit


Dare2Tri Womans SWIM2 Wetsuit - specially designed wetsuit for breast stroke swimmers but also all round swimming.

The Dare2Tri to Swim is packed with features specifically designed to improve and ease breast stroke swimming. Using high quality neoprene and specially constructed high stretch shoulders, arms and less buoyant lower body panels provides enhance breast stroke body positioning. The smooth skin surface coating improves hydrodynamics without compromising on comfort. more information


•    2.0mm under arms and 2.5mm arms construction
•    1.5mm calfs and kneepits panels
•    39Cell neoprene
•    Smooth Skin Surface coating
•    Uniquely neck closure
•    YKK Stainless Steel bottom-up runner zipper

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